One of those nights

Angels_275_100307_1We gave it our best shot, but Josh Beckett was on his game, making pitches when he needed them, and he got some plays from his defense, too.

I wanted to come out and set an aggressive tone in that first inning. I hit a ball pretty hard and it got through for a hit. I?m running, stealing second, when Orlando Cabrera bounced out. I?m running again, stealing third, when Vladdy Guerrero hit that ball hard that Mike Lowell handled at third. That?s the way it goes. If a ball finds a hole, we get a run on the board, then who knows?

But you can?t take anything away from their guy. Beckett threw a great game. He was putting the ball where he wanted it. When a guy like that gets a lead, it makes him really tough. He kept getting ahead in the count, and you can?t get locked in on a pitch that way. Getting that lead gave him the opportunity to do that, and he took advantage of it. That?s the way it is with any good pitcher.

I thought both guys threw great games. It was a little rough for John Lackey in the early part of the game, but after that he settled down and was on his game.

I hit a couple of other balls good, but you know how that goes sometimes. They made plays on me: Coco Crisp in center in the sixth inning and the young guy, Jacoby Ellsbury, in the ninth. He?d come in for Manny Ramirez and made a nice play.

That was real disappointing, that play in the ninth. We had our big guys coming up, and we were only down by four. We were still in it. But he makes the catch, and then Vlad gets a hit … like I was saying, a break here and there, and you never know. But that?s baseball. You play the game, stay the same and move on.

We?re a resilient team. We?ll bounce back strong. You play all season to get here. You know you?re going to put everything you have in it.

Our mind-set? Come out to win. There can?t be any other mind-set. Do everything you can to win the game.

You know how I feel about Kelvim Escobar. He?s been a great pitcher all year, and I think he?ll come up big in Game 2. We just have to get in our game, get a few balls to find holes, and get a win.

This is a demanding and challenging game we play, but I love everything about it. I hate losing, of course, but being in the postseason, in this environment, this is what every player dreams about.

Nine good, hard innings, one win, and we?re in it. That?s all it takes. There?s no doubt in my mind we can get it done and bring the series home to our park, to our fans, all tied up.



    Hey Figgy,

    What can you say it was Beckett’s night right? Even though you guys haven’t faced Dice-K before, I like our chances in Game 2, if we disrupt his rhythm on the mound and force the issue with aggressive baserunning. You almost single handedly scored a run for us tonight. Keep up the good work. You put some great swings on the ball Chone.

    Let’s get the split with Escobar and bring it back home to the OC!!

    Let’s show those Sox that we aren’t a pushover team and that we are a force to be reckoned with.

    Get Figgy with it!

    Tom L. in Garden Grove, CA


    D D Fig,

    Great effort tonight. You’re the catalyst of this team and they need you more than ever. Oh, and be sure to tell Vladdy he needs to just smile at Schilling while at bat. I’m sure Schilling would love to give up a dinger to “those guys he should have shut out” earlier in the season. Make it a 2 RBI for him!!!


    Figgy…I commend you taking the time to **** chat with the fans, especially after a tough game. I belive in the ANGELS. The team will rebound and take the game Friday. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize!

    Phil Olivero


    Good effort tonight. Had a couple key plays gone slightly differently, the game would have changed a lot. That’s the way it goes. Come out firing in game two and keep playing hard – that’s all anyone can ask. That’s how Angels baseball is played.


    chone just like you say its only 1 game. Angel style baseball says we can bounce right back no problem.

  6. Sid

    Mr. Figgins,

    Nice job on the blog! Two entries in two days, both with actual content worth reading! Most current and former MLB players just phone these entries in. Keep it up! The world needs to hear more from the Angels!

    Go out there hard on Friday, get to Matsuzaka early and often, and all will be right with the world.

    I was very happy to see you start today with a lead-off single. I know you ended the season in a bit of a slump

    (yet still batted .330), so I’m sure that hit was a big psychological boost to you.

    Just play the Angels game, and remember that on Sunday you’ll be back home to the crowd that loves you. I’ll be there at Game 3 with my dad in section 259 wheelchair seats, so if you can beat Curt “Table For One” Schilling, you’ll make my year. And probably yours, as well.

    -Sid McHenry



    Like you, we also have no doubt that you can get it done and bring the series home 1-1. In 2002 you lost game 1 in three different series and won each one in the end. Don’t change anything. Josh Beckett had a good day on Wednesday. You were so close to being 3 for 4, and you were still one of just a few on the team to get a hit. Keep on inspiring your teammates and the rest of us. Go get ’em Chone!

    Mark and Megan Erickson

    Sierra Madre, CA



    You look like you brought your A-game to the plate for the playoffs bud. Two tough outs on those Coco/Jacoby plays, but like you said…you know how it goes…

    I’m sure all of the boys are pumped to bring the series back home tied up. Have fun hitting that gyro-ball and Dice K all over Fenway…

    Gotta love playoff baseball…

    GO HALOS!!!

    – Greg


    Chone you’re the man, thanks for taking the time to write this stuff and give the fans an inside look into your mindset during these playoffs.
    Go Halos!!

    -Zach, VT


    Hey Figgy!! WOW this blog is great! I’ve been stumbling around the net for a while trying to get an idea on how the team feels after last night. Needless to say it wasn’t easy to watch, but contrary to what the media says; the real fans aren’t worried. We know what kind of team we have. If we do our best we can’t lose! GO ANGELS!

    Stephanie-Riverside CA


    Last night was hard to watch, but like Stephanie said, the real fans aren’t worried. That probably didn’t help momentum or spirit, but this team is an underdog team by nature, and you guys all have the drive to bounce back. So no worries, hopefully tomorrow we can just split fenway. As long as we get to game 4, so the tickets I bought don’t go to waste 🙂


    Thanks Chone. As a Red Sox fan, I really don’t want to see you come to the plate. In the first, when you reached, I breathed a sigh of relief when both OCab (LOVE HIM!) and Vlad (FEAR HIM!) grounded out while you were running. You’re a pleasure to watch…and read!


    Hi Chone,
    Tough game last night, but some good AB’s on your part. I have no doubt that Escobar will be on tomorrow. He’s the best guy to put out there in that environment.

    If you are reading these comments, please pass along to John that I believe in his ability 100% to beat these guys in Game 4, and that after that, the champagne will be flowing for the 2nd time this post-season.

    Dice K is beatable, a little wild, and in no way will be on like Beckett was last night. Next, Curt ” I should’ve shut those guys out” Schilling, who’s been dinged for 9 runs in his last 12 innings against you, will serve it up again, giving us a 2-1 lead. It’s all good after that…Lackey polishing off Beckett here in Game 4, and Beantown can go back into hibernation for the winter.

    Good luck, keep swinging and runnin’

    Tom in Woodland Hills, CA


    Chone, no worries about last night. Beckett was on so like you say, we just tip our cap to him, turn the page, and play hard Friday.

    Thanks for your blog. I am a long time Angels fan (since 1967) and I think this is just great.

    Good luck to you and the rest of the guys Friday!



    Dear Mr. Figgins,
    I was really happy to see you steal second and third in the 1st. It made me happy that you are a part of the angels team You really are fast! I think the angels surely have a chance against dice k

    Best of luck


    p.s. what a nice blog 🙂


    Chone, thank you for your blog. It’s insightful to capture the action and feelings from your point of view. Often, I think the fans or more stressed out than the players, but your confidence and optimism shows why you and the Angels are winners. That’s an inspiration to all of us.

    Never give up, never surrender.

    I wanted to give my compliments to others who have posted above me. To an individual, the comments have been genuine and amazingly polite. It speaks volumes about the people who are Angels fans. Instead of talking trash about Boston, (and I am a complete and total Angels fan exclusively), each of you had good things to say about our rivals from the Atlantic coast. That’s very classy, and you should be proud. It’s nice to see that rivalries can be civil. Kudos to each of you.

    By contrast, look at the reader comments on the excellent blog site of Boston pitcher Curt Schilling. I was appalled by how shrill, profane and negative Boston fans are in response to his blogs. Granted Curt is not afraid to speak his mind, but he is also someone who gives a lot of himself to charity. I respect that. But his “fans” should be ashamed of themselves. It’s a sad contrast to how polite each of you are.

    One comment about this blog: I noted that email addresses are published here, and frankly, that is a very bad practice. A blog like this could be hit by spam bots, and email addresses could be harvested, targeting innocent people with junk email. Please Chone, hide the email addresses of readers going forward! A note to readers: if you don’t already have one, get a Hotmail or similar throwaway email address and use that exclusively for your posts. That way, if you get spammed, it won’t be to an address of yours that matters.

    GO ANGELS! Long Live Figgie!!


    Dear Mr. Figgins,

    You are an absolute pleasure to watch on the base paths.

    I remember many times commenting to my wife, “can you imagine being able to travel that fast?” she ALWAYS replies: He runs like a deer!

    Last night was dissapointing, that’s for sure, but I’m a Halos fan thick & thin, & I’m sure we’re going to bounce right back.

    Keep up the great work, I am very happy you are a Halo!

    GO ANGELS 2007, THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!!!!!



    Dear Chone,

    You rock. It’s just so good of you to take the time to post this.

    I’m pulling for you and all the Angels, and we’ll be in the stands on Sunday, screaming our silly heads off.

    Go Angels. Figgie rules.



    I must agree with everyone else…thanks Chone for taking the time to make this post. While the Yanks tout their payroll and the BoSox complain about curses, the Angels are clearly the class team in the AL, and you guys play the game the right way. Last night was just one game, and it takes 11 wins to bring home the gold. Beckett was amazing and he is having the year of his life. There’s not much you could do about that. You certainly did your part though – you put good wood on the ball every time up. Like you said – if you guys had a couple of breaks go your way we could be sitting on a 1-0 lead right now.

    I look forward to tomorrow night to see you “get Figgie with it” (as Hudler says) on the basepaths against Dice-K who is pretty slow to home plate. Kelvim’s splitter will keep those guys in the park, and the glorius poetry that is Angel Baseball will be shown to the nation in all of its glory.

    Hey…we’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to the BoSox. They just won the World Series 3 years ago….that means they still have 83 years to go before they get another one! 🙂

    All kidding aside….I believe the Angels are the superior team, and it will show as this series moves forward. Just watch an episode of SportsCenter, or take a look at what some of the national media is saying about this series. They sren’t giving the Angels a chance – they say the Angels can’t beat much of anybody with the “mediocre” lineup they are trotting out there. Let’s use that as motivation! It’s time to show the nation what Angel Baseball is all about!



    Dear Figgy
    I want to thank you for your blog. It is great to read your thoughts about the game. I feel you guys have a great chance to win tomorrow. You are the Rally Monkey of our team. If you can get us started there is no stopping us. Just know that we are all here rooting for you all I have my thunder stix ready to go.

    Go Angels Yes We Can

    Mary K.


    Chone, you are the heartbeat out there. Keep diggin, it has jkust begun for you guys! Go Halos!
    Ty in Santa Ana

  22. Maryann

    Hey Chone:
    Thanks a ton for blogging for the fans throughout the playoffs – it is great to get an insider’s view. Congratulations on such an incredible year for you, it has been fun to watch you do so well!

    YOu guys have nothing to hand your heads about – Beckett was on his game Weds. Go out there tonight and do what you have been doing all season – finding the gaps and placing those hits there!



    Sure, Beckett pitched well the other night, but they got lucky. You guys play amazing baseball and tonight is the night for greatness. Bring it home to Anaheim… and win the series. I’ll see you guys on Monday night!

    The #1 Chone Figgins fan…


    Hi, Dear Desmond.

    I really appreciate your job, and i know you’re doing your best. Beckett was hard that night, so I believe you’ll do such better work today.

    I believe you’re the most decisive player, the real “c’mon guys, let’s go” player of the team. Since the May 31st game I know you’re the best (and I was blaming for your position in the end of april, due to your .091 AVG).

    I write for a Brazilian on-line baseball magazine,, and if you know someone who can read portuguese, you’ll see how much I aprecciate your job. I hope you’ll still be a clutch player for our beloved team, Anaheim Angels!

    Thank You

    Alan Schmitt Mafra, from Brazil



    I’ve been an Angel fan for over 30 years. All started working in a factory that only three radio stations reached my A.M. radio. Got tired of listening to pop music all night and found KMPC 710 and the Angels.

    Figgy, I know you are busy are probably don’t have time to read all of these comments. However, if you ever actually get to them, I want to congratulate you for being a real spark plug. You seem to always seem to either wear out a pitcher or get something going. I love watching you play third place.

    Your coaches are outstanding. I am so impressed with Mickey Hatcher’s careful work with all of the players. Mike Butcher seems able to settle a pitcher down who is in trouble at just the right time. And Mike is so low key and thoughtful, rather than wearing his emotions on his sleeve all the time.

    The Angels have the best team in baseball and Chone Figgins is one of the main reasons..

    David “the preacher” Wilson


    We lost tonight, but its not like we havent been in this situation before. Were in a position that hasnt been seen since 1995. And even if we do get eleminated, which we wont…at least i dont think..They are the best team in baseball. ANd if you would have been at Rally night a few mondays ago, you would of seen that The Angels have the biggest, proudest fans you have ever seen. Even in the eyes of defeat. We are here no matter what WIN OR LOSE! Chone…WE ARE BEHIND YOU AND THE ANGELS. YOu are our heros, and we dont just stand with you when we are hot, we stick with you when we are off balance. Things happen. But Like i said we have been here before and We will take 2 in Anaheim. And hit em where it hurts. IN BOSTON. We are still champions, and you prove it everyday when you guys stand out on the field, when you practice and when you know you have the best fans in MLB. GOod luck Chone. We should have a celebration World Series Champions or Not. We are Champions without that title. Thank you Chone for being one of the most inspirational people in my life. God Bless. GO ANGELS!

    – Mike McDonald



    hey.. Im a Sox Fan.. but i have to give you guys your props.. you stayed on us all night are really made us fight for it! i would say good luck… but well i wouldnt be meaning it sorry..

    ❤ Red Sox Girl<3

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